@dirtandglass Master Preset Pack

DJI_0001-34-Pano (2).jpg
DJI_0001-34-Pano (2).jpg

@dirtandglass Master Preset Pack

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100 custom lightroom presets - immediate download!

compatible with:

  • Lightroom CC 1.3 and up

  • Lightroom CC Classic 7.3 and up

  • Lightroom Mobile (must install presets on computer first to sync)

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These presets are great starting points to help bring out the mood or vibe you are trying to convey in your photos! All 100 presets were created from some of my favorite edits seen on my @dirtandglass feed. There is a wide range of daytime / nighttime / interior / exterior themed presets in this master pack, and many focused on the changing seasons so you will have presets to get you through every scenario!

When trying out the presets with your photos, be sure to keep in mind there will often be additional adjustments to be made. I usually shoot under-exposed (some presets may seem to over-expose your photos), so your first adjustment might just be exposure! Check out the examples below!