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Marmot Featherless Hoodie

content creation / Instagram collaboration

Chris Daniele is a travel photographer based out of Western Massachusetts. His photography has been featured by brands such as Canon, LL Bean, Country Living Magazine, Town & Country Magazine and by tourism agencies for New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York and more. He's worked with companies such as Google, Marmot, Hochstadter's Slow & Low Whisky, Fort Hill Brewery and more on content curation and has written adventure blogs for Eastern Mountain Sports and Only In Your State. He now has over 40k followers on Instagram (@dirtandglass) and his page engagement grows everyday.


Chris utilizes the Instagram platform to reach tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. As an influencer keeping an ongoing theme of traveling to unique cabins and A-Frames, adventures on the trails, and living a wanderlust lifestyle, he is able to incorporate brands and rental properties into his posts.


40k+ followers
gaining over1,000 followers/wk
50% Men / 50% Women
most are between 25-34 yrs
NYC top location of followers
over 300k impressions/wk



Goggle Pixel 2 & Pixel Buds

content creation / Instagram collaboration


Tribe & True - White Aspen Blanket

cabin themed content curation / Instagram collaboration


Hochstadter's Slow & Low Whiskey

cabin themed content curation / Instagram collaboration

JIgsaw White Mtns NH - 1 copy.jpg

Fort Hill Brewery

outdoor themed content curation


Marmot Featherless Hoodie

"Trail to Pub" campaign content curation - Ireland


Airbnb Rental Property Exposure

photos, video tour - Upstate NY


Killington Mountain Lodge

Killington, VT